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OMG: Amanda Seyfried and her Mystery Man!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Stop the press. It’s not all about the bafana bafanas and vuvuzelas you know, the hollywood superstars are still getting up to all sorts and keeping the the gossip columns going..

  • Word on the street says Kate Hudson is dating none other than Muse frontman Matt Belllamy. The pair have reportedly been ‘hanging out’ and even ‘having dinner’. Furthermore she’s thinking of ‘flying’ out to the UK this summer to ‘watch’ his band play at all the festivals.

  • Slighty more exciting, but only just, Date Movie Lovers favourite tattooed actress Amanda Seyfried is apparently courting again. She was recently seen having dinner with a ‘friend’, who was a man, so she’s practically married to him, whoever him may be! Wonder if he’s knows that she’s got minge written permanently on her foot.

  • And that’s it. Oh, Megan Fox has got engaged. Again. We still can’t get over the fact that it’s to the guy out of 90210! Like whatever!

    Laters movie lovers, happy dating!

    Paris Hilton & Adrien Brody? Don’t be Ridiculous!

    Friday, May 21st, 2010

    Hola Movie Lovers. Wow what a week. What a freakin’ goss fest! The celebrity circus that is the Cannes Film Festival has thrown up a veritable cornicopia of tit bits for the world’s piffle mongers (including yours truly of course). So lets do it!

    • OMG indeed, check this out, HeatWorld is reporting that the fine Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody has been seen getting cosy with none other that Paris Hilton. That’s right, you read it right. O. M. and by Jove G! Nobody saw that coming. Stay tuned to see if a) it’s true b) it’s not or c) it’s sort of true but not quite confirmed and maybe if everyone hopes enough it will come true!

    • Next up is Lindsay ‘the Lohan’ Lohan (she was once an actress). Now we’d expect her to be involved somewhere and we haven’t been disappointed. Some photographer and reality TV star called Idrani has been telling anyone that’ll listen that she’s dating the lady herself. The Lohan is denying it though so who knows. Who knows

    • Finally, sad newsvilles dudes. Only last week we were telling you about how Amanda Seyfried (she of the foot tattoo) and her boyfriend, Dominic Cooper, worked hard to keep their long distance relationship working. Well lady love is a fickle creature and sadly the couple announced that it just ain’t happening any more and they’re taking a break.. nice tat though Mandy! Nice tat.

      That’s it for this week – there’s plenty more going on in Hollywood gossip land but that would be telling. Tune in next week to find out if it’s really worth talking about. Laters Movie Lovers!

      OMG! It’s Friday!

      Friday, May 14th, 2010

      Here is again Movie Lovers. It’s Friday. Strewth, sometimes it feels like it’ll never come! But it has, just in time for our weekly update of movie star tittle tattle where we look and who’s dating who in Hollywood Land & beyond.

      • First up it looks like the kids are taking this whole PR game way too far and are getting flamin’ well married. Stars of the biggest teen movies around, Twilight & Harry Potter have decided the time isn’t there for the wasting. Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell announced that he proposed last month and she said yes. Oh young love.
      • Now this is a total yawnfest and Date Movie Lovers tries to avoid getting involved but apparently someone who knows R-Patz & K-Stew told someone who knows Oprah that they are actually going out. Like properly and everything. wait. no. really? us cynical old chaps thought it was all a ruse to get everyone to go to the movies. shame on us.

      • Finally, this isn’t really dating news but Amanda Seyfried has been talking about how she keeps her long distance relationship going with her boyfriend Dominic Cooper. Well whatever, we just felt we had to mention it because it gives us the chance to highlight her fantastic tattoo! again, and what a great tattoo!

        So that’s it movie date lovers, stay tuned for more scintilating gossip facts next week and have a super Friday!

        Amanda Seyfried’s Most Excellent Foot Tattoo.

        Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

      Hold the phone Movie Lovers. Amanda Seyfried, star of Mamma Mia, Mean Girls & Jennifer’s Body has a rather unique and somewhat interesting tattoo on her foot. Rachel McDowell has the same one (and she was recently in the Bill!) and it’s a word that Colin Firth used a lot on the set of Mamma Mia.


      So what does it say? Minge. Her tattoo says minge.



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